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If you have heard of the Lykoi Maine Coon mix, then you are probably wondering what these two very different breeds look like together! However, does this mythical combination even exist?

The Lykoi Maine Coon mix is a hypothetical crossbreed between a Lykoi and Maine Coon. Since the Lykoi breed was developed from a genetic mutation, it is possible for Maine Coon cats to have the same genetic mutation as a Lykoi. However, they have yet to be publicly discovered.

Lykoi cats and Maine Coons are as different as can be!

While most breeders are more focused on refining existing pedigrees, these two breeds can be crossed.

Read on to find out what a Lykoi Maine Coon mix might look like.

Lykoi Maine Coon Mix

The Lykoi Maine Coon mix is a cross between a Lykoi and a Maine Coon.

While the Maine Coon is a well-known and popular breed, the Lykoi is much newer.

Often called the werewolf cat for its bizarre appearance, the Lykoi cat is a partially hairless breed.

They lack a thick undercoat but have a thin outer coat.

These cats are medium in size, with a slender build and a playful, intelligent personality.

By comparison, Maine Coon cats are enormous cats with long, thick fur and a muscular build.

They are famous for being incredibly gentle and loving family members and are also highly intelligent and active.

So, what would happen if you crossed these two amazing cat breeds? Let’s find out!


The Maine Coon originated naturally in the snowy state of Maine, where they were discovered by humans who appreciated their deft hunting skills.

Click here to find out what Maine Coons like to hunt.

Over time, the breed grew in popularity until they were a staple among farmers and sailors.

Today, they are even more popular for their enormous size and unique personalities.

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By comparison, the Lykoi is a much more recent breed.

Since they look so much like wolves, a lot of people wonder, what is a wolf cat mixed with?

In actuality, the Lykoi was not originally the result of human intervention or crossbreeding.

In 2010, a bizarre-looking cat was found in a feral cat colony. When it was discovered that more cats of the same appearance also lived in the colony, breeders crossed them together.

The Lykoi wolf cat is the result of a genetic mutation. This mutation results in a sparse outer coat with hardly any undercoat.

Over time, more cats with the same mutation have been discovered throughout the world and crossed with existing Lykoi cats to add variety to the gene pool.

Unfortunately, there is no history for the Lykoi Maine Coon cat, because this mix does not actually exist- at least, not yet!

The genetic mutation responsible for the Lykoi’s distinct coat is recessive, meaning that a cat must inherit two copies of the gene for it to present physically.

This means that crossing a Maine Coon with a Lykoi will not result in the distinctive characteristics a Lykoi is known for.

However, since the genetic mutation that causes the Lykoi’s wolflike coat has appeared randomly throughout the world, it is possible a Maine Coon could be born with the same kind of coat as a Lykoi (source 1).

Physical Appearance And Size

The Maine Coon is a massive cat with a striking appearance.

They have well-proportioned bodies with thick limbs, huge wide paws, and fluffy tails.

Their muzzles and chins are powerful in appearance, similar to a lion or other big cat.

On average, the Maine Coon size ranges from 8 to 25 pounds.

The Lykoi cat is about average in size and shape, with a medium-sized, slightly slender body.

Their coat forms a distinctive mask on their face, accentuating their big, round eyes.

So, how big do wolf cats get? Lykois typically weigh between 6 and 12 pounds (source 1).

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Fur Colors

Maine Coons come in almost every possible fur color, excluding lilac, chocolate, fawn, and cinnamon. They also come in almost every pattern except for colorpoint.

The Lykoi cat colors and patterns are limitless, although they tend to look most striking with a solid color coat. Their roan coat contains a mix of colored and white hairs, with the CFA designating the ideal range to be about 30% to 70% white hairs.

Personality and Temperament

The Maine Coon personality and temperament are famously gentle and sweet.

These fun-loving cats play hard, but they also love to snuggle and spend time with their owners.

They are known to follow their owners around from room to room (here’s why!), but they are not known to be clingy, either.

Since this is such a new breed, the Lykoi cat personality is not as established as the Maine Coon’s.

However, they are generally known to be affectionate and playful companions that prefer the company of their owners to strangers.


Maine Coons are one of the most intelligent cat breeds in the world. If you don’t believe me, read this!

They are so easy to train that many Maine Coons learn all sorts of tricks! For example, did you know that you can teach a Maine Coon cat to use a human toilet?!

read my article to find out how to teach your Maine Coon this!

Their extreme intelligence can be difficult if you do not have enough toys or time to play with them, though.

These cats like to be challenged, and can quickly become bored if they do not have enough enrichment to keep them satisfied.

Lykoi cats have about average intelligence. They can also be trained, but it may take a bit more persistence than with a Maine Coon cat.

Family Friendly

Maine Coons are considered family-friendly cats because they get along well with children and other pets.

They are gentle and patient with kids, and their love of companionship means they tend to make fast friends with other cats and dogs.

Lykoi cats are also pretty family-friendly.

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While they are not as famous as Maine Coons for being great with children, they tend to be friendly and open with fellow family members.

They can be a bit more independent than Maine Coons, but they also love to snuggle!


Neither Maine Coons nor Lykoi cats are particularly easy to groom.

If you are not sure which brush is best for your Maine Coon cat, read this complete guide to Maine Coon brushes.

Maine Coons have long, thick fur that needs to be brushed at least two to three times a week.

Their paws tend to have long tufts of fur too, that can become tangled or matted if they are not trimmed.

A Maine Coon cat will also shed quite a bit, particularly before summer and winter.

Lykoi cats may be partially hairless, but they also shed a lot.

Without a thick undercoat, their skin tends to become oily.

You need to bathe Lykois at least once a month and brush them once or twice each week.


Both Lykoi and Maine Coon cats require diets that are high and protein, with a moderate amount of fat and very little carbohydrates.

It is best to provide a mix of high-quality dry and wet food, like this.


Maine Coons live, on average, between 12 and 15 years.

While the Lykoi is not as well established as Maine Coons, it is believed their lifespan also ranges between 12 and 15 years.


Purebred cats are generally more likely to suffer from health problems than domestic shorthairs and longhairs.

This is because many breeds are the result of rare genetic mutations that are preserved through inbreeding.

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In the case of the Lykoi, this genetic mutation has occurred randomly throughout the world, so breeders have tried to mix in many different cats to strengthen and diversify the gene pool.

Since this breed only began in 2010, it is too early to know for sure if there are any specific Lykoi cat health problems.

It is a good idea to get your cat tested for heart conditions, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Other concerns include kidney disease and hyperthyroidism.

The Maine Coon cat developed naturally before the breed was refined by cat fanciers. As a result, they are considered one of the healthiest purebred cats.

Still, they are also prone to conditions like:

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy

In the case of any cat breed, a responsible breeder will test for any commonly known genetic conditions.

This is more reliable with Maine Coons, though, since the breed has been around a lot longer.


The Maine Coon cat price ranges from $1,000 to $2,500 but can go much higher for rare colors or championship breeding lines.

So, how much do wolf cats cost?

The Lykoi cat price is relatively similar to the Maine Coon, starting at about $1,500 to $2,500.

There is no way to know the price of a Lykoi Maine Coon mix since, to public knowledge, they do not even exist yet!

Even if a breeder were to cross a Maine Coon with a Lykoi, the offspring would not have the distinctive Lykoi coat.

Furthermore, crossbreeding cats results in a wide, unpredictable variety of offspring, rather than a perfect blend of the two parents.

Maybe someday breeders will choose to mix Maine Coons with Lykoi cats, but until then, you will probably have to be satisfied with picking one breed or the other (source 1).


The Lykoi Maine Coon mix is a crossbreed that does not actually exist yet!

While Maine Coons and Lykoi cats can breed and produce offspring, the results would be too unpredictable to be a distinctive breed of its own.

If a Maine Coon and a Lykoi were to have babies, they would likely have a mix of both breeds’ personalities and physical characteristics.

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